Thank You – David Holland

It’s National Volunteer Week, so we want to make sure and spend time this week shining a light on some of our incredible volunteers. Today, we would like to introduce you to David Holland! If you’ve come to our ARTini fundraiser, you’ve probably seen him helping us wrap the art at the party. We couldn’t do it without him! Thank you for volunteering your time and helping Allied Arts!

6. David Holland 2DAVID HOLLAND

Born in Lawton, OK in 1959 – Lived in OKC since 1977

3. D. Holland pumpkin carvings at MainsiteHobbies – gardening, bird-watching, storm-watching and pumpkin carving

I’ve been a full time artist since 2012. I am currently represented in OKC and Santa Fe by Acosta Strong Fine Art, recently had a showing of my cloudscapes entitled “Thunderheads” at the Governor’s Gallery at the State Capitol, and was in the Festival of the Arts last year.


I’ve done artwork from photos I’ve taken of thunderstorms since 1986 and now watch, photograph and paint them voraciously.  I don’t chase storms…I like to say I follow them because the ones I like to depict are usually a good 15 to 30 miles away and are isolated storms where you can see the whole structure from the base to the top. This gives my viewers a sense of the size, power and beauty they project.

The arts are important because they feed your soul and enrich your life and experiences.  I can’t imagine how boring life would be without the intellectual and spiritual stimulation that art provides for us. Art opens our eyes to things as individuals we may not see or think about in our work-a-day existence.  It shows us the beauty and drama in life so we can appreciate it and not take it for granted.

The Towers 24x48 David Holland

Volunteering for Allied Arts is a lot of fun and it allows me to meet lots of people interested in the arts in Oklahoma and help support the arts in OKC.  I think it’s important to volunteer because it #1 helps your community,  #2 feels great, #3 gets you out in the world to experience lives outside your own so you appreciate everyone else’s experiences/joys/difficulties more, #4 provides you with unseen opportunities and #5 helps you develop new friendships.

I love volunteering for ARTini because I get to wrap up the art at the end of the night and see the extremely happy, proud buyers take home the beautiful art they purchased that night.  Of course, getting to go to the party before my shift, see the art, enjoy the food, meet people (I met and spoke with Mayor Mick Cornett at this year’s event) and enjoy the music are huge benefits to volunteering too.  As an artist, I have a limited budget and can’t always afford to attend, so it’s also a real treat for me.

The Heart of the Storm 18x24 David HollandThe piece of work to the right is titled “The Blessing” and will be exhibited at the National Weather Center Biennale opening on Sunday, April 19. A free, public reception will be from 3-5 p.m. in the National Weather Center in Norman. For more artwork by David Holland, visit his website at