Sharing Your Story: Julie Hall

Next to share their story is Julie Hall, a longtime leader and supporter of Allied Arts.

Growing up in Southern California, my parents made sure that the arts were a part of our lives.  I remember going to the LA County Museum of Art and seeing exhibits that included Van Gogh, Rothko and Faberge.  As kids, we were awestruck that Van Gogh had cut his ear off; didn’t understand why Rothko’s blobs of color were considered art; and were enthralled by the amazing assemblage of Faberge eggs.  We even played the board game “Masterpiece”, where we amassed our own art collections trying not to get the forgery.  My family went to musicals at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and concerts by the LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl.  Each daughter had to learn to play an instrument.  After my initial stint on the piano, I decided on the flute, which I played in band and orchestra through my high school years.  However, I also developed a love for cinema and film.  One of my first jobs was at our local movie theater where I saw every new release.  I also recall going through the TV Guide to find any old classics that I had not seen.  I would watch them all: old or new, black and white or color, in English or subtitled.

When I first moved to Oklahoma City in 1989, things were starting to look up for many of the arts, but there was definitely a void in the area of film.  Independent and foreign films were nowhere to be found, so I would “binge-watch” when visiting other cities.  Finally, the Oklahoma City Museum of Art finished their renovation and their theater opened.  I was thrilled that the films I loved would finally have their chance to be shown in Oklahoma City.  Now, we also have the deadCENTER Film Festival.  The growth in this organization has been phenomenal.  Over 25,000 people were able to join me in their own “binge-watch” of independent movie viewing right here in our downtown.

“The Arts make life worth living”, and life has definitely improved since I moved to Oklahoma City.  The vibrant and varied offerings of our arts community are vital components of our culture and our lives.

Julie Hall


Thank you for sharing your story with us, Julie. We appreciate your love and support of the arts and our local arts community!