Matching Funds Announced for Allied Arts Endowment

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., September 8, 2017 – In an effort to advance critical funds for arts education, healing arts and access to arts experiences for the underserved in central Oklahoma, donations made to the Allied Arts affiliated fund held at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation will be matched by the Kirkpatrick Family Fund. Every $3 donated will be matched with $1, up to $24,000, until October 31, 2017. Donations can be made online, via phone or by mail.

Gifts to the Allied Arts’ 2017 endowment match sustains the rich cultural landscape in areas including Canadian, Cleveland, Grady, Kingfisher, Lincoln, Logan, Oklahoma and Pottawatomie Counties. With an annual reach of more than one million people, lives are impacted through offerings such as world-renowned exhibits, riveting harmonies, and captivating dance and theatrical performances. Last year alone, more than 545,000 arts experiences were provided to school-age children across the state.

To leave a legacy for the arts, please visit, call 405-278-8944 or mail to 1015 N. Broadway Ste. 200, Oklahoma City, OK 73102. All donations up to $24,000 will be matched 1:3 by the Kirkpatrick Family Fund through October 31.

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