OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., October 3, 2018 – Allied Arts will be distributing over $300,000 in grants to local, nonprofit arts organizations in its 2019 fiscal year, a 46 percent increase over 2018.

Two of its grant programs, Educational Outreach and Capacity-Building, provide funding to qualified organizations in central Oklahoma. A total of $240,500 will be distributed in educational grants and $60,000 in capacity-building grants in two separate distributions during the fiscal year.

The first distribution is $119,600 in grants through the Educational Outreach program in support of 31 projects. The funding will bring arts education to an estimated 76,000 underserved students statewide. Examples include free afterschool programming using theatre to develop creativity, teamwork and self-expression in students, the integration of visual arts classes and a statewide musical theatre tour for schools without arts programming.

The Capacity-Building program will award $28,000 for the first distribution in support of 17 projects. The funding assists nonprofit arts and cultural organizations in building the capacity and sustainability to better serve their constituencies and fulfill their missions. Examples of projects funded by the program include organizational strategic planning, professional development opportunities and technology upgrades.

Each year, Allied Arts serves approximately 40 arts organizations delivering arts programs to all 77 counties. For a complete list of grant recipients, visit

The deadline to apply for the second distribution is January 18, 2019. Application forms to apply can be found at

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