Getting to Know – Laura Cunningham!

One of our sweet and talented volunteers is Laura Cunningham. We conducted a short interview for her to tell a little bit about what the arts mean to her, how she’s been involved with Allied Arts, and why she believes that volunteering is important. Thank you for all the time and support you’ve given the local arts community, Laura!

Laura Cunningham

Laura Cunningham, 22

Bachelor of Music in Music Business from Oklahoma City University (May 2015)

Hometown: Oklahoma City

Hobbies: tennis, violin, ballroom dancing, Turner Classic Movies

When I was little, my parents took my sister and me to see Phantom of the Opera, The Sound of Music, The Lion King and other shows on Broadway and in The West End. I remember focusing on the music and wanting so badly to play in a pit orchestra when I grew up. (I get to do that a lot now at Oklahoma City University.)

I was always in dance and piano lessons growing up, so I was definitely involved in the performing arts and was aware of Allied Arts as an organization. I first became involved with an Allied Arts member agency when I joined the Oklahoma Youth Orchestras in middle school and have since been involved in others, like Arts Council of Oklahoma City. I enjoy going to Catalyst events and have loved being an Allied Arts intern in the summer of 2014 and a member of the ARTini in Wonderland planning committee.


I think the arts are important because they can create a sense of community and allow both independent and collaborative expression. Regardless of the medium, people find satisfaction in the organization or presentation of beautiful and inspiring elements. I study violin, and, like many other artists and art appreciators, I cannot imagine not having music with me all the time. I enjoy art of all kinds and hope that I can contribute in some useful way to Oklahoma City’s thriving arts scene.

Vounteering is a great way to meet new people while experiencing a shared interest and helping others in the pursuit of an important cause. And, you learn a lot in the fun environment that volunteering creates. I look forward to continuing to volunteer for the arts in OKC! I love meeting other young people like me out in the community and am so glad that the arts are such a strong part of our city on the rise!