CDBG Award Distributions

Aalim$5,000 rent, utilities, creative director salary, PPE, internet service and technology subscriptions
Arts Council Oklahoma City$24,000 staff time, teaching artist pay and other
administrative/operational expenses for virtual and in-person art classes to student populations from the following areas: Shidler Elementary; Monroe Elementary;
Eugene Field Elementary; Hawthorne Elementary; and Boys and Girls Club @ Memorial Park
BLAC, Inc.$15,000 arts-integration teacher training at Mary Golda Ross, F. D. Moon MIddle, Star Spencer High, Horace Mann and Cesar Chavez schools
Canterbury Voices$24,000 cover lost revenue and support arts training at a newly-designated Community HOPE Center in Capitol Hill with Boys & Girls Club
Carpenter Square Theatre$11,000 online programming, operational expenses and PPE expenses 
deadCenter Film$13,000 staff and technology costs to shift youth educational programming to a virtual format
El Sistema$20,000 provision of music education in a safe manner with additional staff, instrument and face coverings, increased transportation and technology for virtual instruction
KidsAlive!$20,000 payment of teaching artists and other expenses related to offering the Kaleidoscope program in a safe manner
Lyric Theatre$24,000 continued production of Lyric’s Kid’s Clubhouse
Metropolitan School of Dance$19,500 continued delivery of dance education at the Paige Woodson including payment of teaching artists and staff, PPE and the additional rental costs associated with more scheduled classes with fewer students for social distancing purposes
OKC Improv Foundation$7,000 purchase of A/V equipment to live-steam improv classes
Oklahoma City Ballet$10,000 support payroll for teaching artists leading community outreach classes including Dance for Parkison’s and Golden Swans
Oklahoma City Girls Arts School$24,000 payment to teaching artists to deliver existing curriculum and develop/deliver new curriculum to meet virtual learning needs
Oklahoma Museums Association$4,000 in support of the “Oklahoma Cultural Community Wellbeing and Self-Care in Response to COVID-19” digital program
Oklahoma Shakespeare$10,000 covering loss of revenue due to the cancellation of performances and events related to COVID-19
Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition$15,000 in support of the distribution of monetary grants and awards to artists in addition to the provision of professional development for artists 
Oklahomans for the Arts$4,000 payroll for staff
Opry Heritage Foundation of Oklahoma$20,000 in support of the payment of musicians and support staff coordinating concerts
Painted Sky Opera$6,000 offsetting revenue losses and new expenses related to streaming performances
Paseo Artists Association$10,000 offsetting loss of income due to cancellation of 2020 Paseo Festival
Plaza District Association$4,500payment to artists performing weekly outdoors in the Plaza District 
Red Earth$10,000 general operating expenses as well as expansion of internet and online capabilities for every aspect of  programming