All About Able!

Let’s meet Able Worth Blakley. He’s the owner of Savory Spice Shop OKC and one of Allied Arts’ great supporters, volunteers and friends. In honor of National Volunteer Week, we want to help bring some of our volunteers into the spotlight and show our gratitude! Here’s a little from Able…

Kari and Able in Turkey

Able and Kari Blakley

I grew up in northern Oklahoma, went to school at OU, and graduated with degrees in management and marketing.  I now own and operate Savory Spice Shop OKC, ( the first and to my knowledge only dedicated spice store in the state.  My hobbies include first and foremost cooking, but also woodworking, motorcycling and travel.

Arts while growing up

I was fortunate enough to be pretty heavily involved in the arts from an early age. I attended Enid summer arts every summer and was constantly making pictures and sculptures to enter in the county fair. I was involved in community theater in junior high and high school, as well as in a band and in ‘the’ band for awhile. My mom taught music so it was always encouraged in our household.  Culinary arts were also always highly encouraged.  My grandfather and great-grandfather had a café in Alva, OK before I was born, so I was in the kitchen from an early age and that has really shaped the path my life is on now.  I love to cook and explore new and different cooking techniques.  The more I learn about food, travel and try new things, the more I realize how little I know.

Volunteering with Allied Arts

able installing signsI’ve been actively involved with Allied Arts OKC for 5 years now.  I feel that they are a wonderful group of people and that they are doing an amazing amount of good for the arts here in OKC.  I first got involved by becoming a Catalyst member then shortly thereafter joined the ARTini planning committee.  I have since become a member of the Catalyst board of directors on which I have sat for the last 3 years.



ARTini Judges_ Andrea Mason, Able Blakley, Lance McDaniel

Most of my favorite memories from Allied Arts have been from the ARTini event.  It’s my favorite party every year.  It’s getting to the point where ARTini every year feels more like a family reunion than a party. I see people there that I only talk to once a year and it’s always great to catch up! One memory that particularly stands out is from this year’s ARTini when at the last minute I was asked to judge the food and cocktails.  I’ve always secretly wanted to be a judge!

Importance of the Arts

The arts are insanely important and I feel like they are so often overlooked.  Artistic endeavors are what develops us into creative and independent people.  They encourage people of all ages to be creative and do something that no one else has done before in a way that is uniquely their own.

Favorite thing about OKC

My favorite thing about OKC is the opportunity! Every day in OKC is vastly better than the day before. I am beyond excited to live in such a vibrant city with so many opportunities, and the fact that I get to be a member of both the small business and arts communities at this exciting time in Oklahoma’s history is an absolute dream come true! Every day I’m thrilled about what is on the horizon tomorrow!