Staff & Board

Deborah McAuliffe Senner

President & CEO

Deborah serves as President & CEO of Allied Arts, where she has worked to strengthen the cultural community for over 18 years. She is a graduate of Benedictine College and St. Gregory’s University, with degrees in communications and theatre. She is married to Scott Senner and together they have two children, Brevin and Sterling.

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Jennifer Bryan

Campaign & Grants Director

Jennifer oversees the Allied Arts annual fundraising campaign and manages the organization’s grant programs. Originally from New Orleans, Jennifer enjoys good food, fine wine and boisterous laughter. As a graduate of Louisiana State University, she can often be heard saying her favorite phrase, “Geaux Tigers!”

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Laura Reese

Development/Planned Giving Manager

Laura serves as manager for the planned giving program and provides support for campaign grantmaking and grantwriting. Oklahoma born and bred, she graduated from the University of Oklahoma with an M.A. in Organizational Leadership and Oklahoma City University with a B.M. in Music Business. Laura enjoys tennis, playing the violin and watching classic movies.

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Manikandan Arumugam

Research & Development Analyst

Manikandan Arumugam (Mani) serves as the Research and Development Analyst for Allied Arts. He is originally from India where he completed his Bachelor’s in Engineering and received his Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management with honors from OCU. His goal is to become a versatile person in the non-profit industry and to help Allied Arts to achieve its goal and mission with his analytical and accounting skills. He loves trying out new cuisines and also enjoys cooking. He is an athlete and his favorite sport is basketball.

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Shannon Lockwood

Employee Giving Coordinator

Shannon manages the employee giving program. She grew up in Edmond and earned a degree in Music Education from OU. She is a percussionist and spent the first 12 years of her career teaching 6th through 12th grade band. Shannon is married to a caring and hard-working man, and she has two cats and a giant fluffy dog. She is a vegetarian, loves the beach and enjoys exercising daily. Her life goal is to leave people and things better than she found them.

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Tara Heitz

Development and Employee Giving Associate

Tara Heitz serves as the Development and Employee Giving Associate at Allied Arts. Tara taught band in the Edmond Public Schools for 17 years before transitioning to a career in the nonprofit sector. She is also a clarinetist in the Oklahoma City Philharmonic. Knowing how the arts shaped her life from childhood into adulthood gives Tara the drive to connect people to the arts, and to share the wonderful opportunities available through our thriving arts community. Tara lives in Edmond with her husband, Andy, two children, Truman and Faye, and her beloved rescue dog, Lucy.

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Tommie Parker

Information Technology Manager

Tommie is responsible for all information technology functions for Allied Arts. He is originally from Illinois, but received his degree from the University of Central Oklahoma. He enjoys seeing his daughter play basketball, watching Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” and cheering for all of Chicago’s professional sports teams.

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Ashleigh Robinson

Development/Administrative Associate

Ashleigh coordinates the OKCityCard and helps with donor and board relations. She grew up in Edmond and studied music at OCU. Her life out of office is full of teaching children’s theatre, volunteering in the community, and listening to jazz music. Ask about her mean fudge brownie recipe!

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Maci French

Art Around OKC Content Manager

Maci is the Marketing Manager of Allied Arts. Maci attended college at the University of Oklahoma and graduated from the Gaylord College of Journalism with a B.A. in Advertising and a minor in Nonprofit Organizational Studies. Outside of working for the arts, she loves to explore her own creative side through both writing and painting. She uses her free time to explore OKC with her friends, family, and rescue pup, Finn.

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Blair Sims

Events Manager

Blair was born and raised in Oklahoma City, earning her degree in Advertising at the University of Oklahoma. In her spare time, she enjoys planning weddings and spending time with friends on a patio, with a glass of wine, and a really good appetizer.

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2020 Campaign Leadership

  • Campaign Chairs:Mark & Julie Beffort
  • Honorary Chair:James A. Pickel

2019-2020 Board of Directors Executive Committee

  • Chair:Steve Mason
  • Vice Chair:Glen Maynard
  • Secretary:Aimee Harlow
  • Treasurer:Max Myers
  • 2020 Campaign Co-Chair:Julie Beffort
  • 2020 Campaign Co-Chair:Mark Beffort
  • Affiliated Fund Trustee:Lou C. Kerr
  • Allocations Chair:Debbie Nauser
  • Allocations Finance Chair:Grant DeFehr
  • At-Risk Process Chair:Lonny Towell
  • Board Management Chair:Michael Laird
  • Branding/Marketing Chair:Brian Byrnes
  • Education & Small Grants Chair:Bill Schonacher
  • HR/Succession Planning Chair:To be announced
  • Immediate Past Chair:Tricia Everest
  • New Agency Chair:Jean Hartsuck
  • Planned Giving Chair:Paul Dudman
  • Strategic Planning Chair:David Woods
  • Workplace/OKCityCard Development Chair:To be announced
  • Events Chair:Valerie Naifeh
  • Member At Large:Taylor Shinn
  • Member At Large:Jill Castilla
  • Member At Large:Russ Harrison
  • Member At Large:John Higginbotham
  • Member At Large:Gail Huneryager
  • Member At Large:James A. Pickel
  • Member At Large:Randy Roper
  • Member At Large:C. Renzi Stone
  • Member At Large:Chuck Thompson
  • Member At Large:Mike Turpen


*Denotes Honorary **Denotes Ex-officio
    • David Argueta
    • Laura Griffith Aufleger
    • Craig Boelte
    • Allen Brown
    • Cordell Brown
    • Cathy Busey
    • Brian Byrnes
    • Michael J. Carrier
    • Jill Castilla
    • Kelly Caviness
    • Richard Clements *
    • Clay Cockrill
    • Graham Colton
    • Anita Crites
    • Grant DeFehr
    • Paul W. Dudman
    • James Walter Duncan IV
    • Rodney England
    • Christy Everest *
    • Jim Everest *
    • Tricia Everest
    • Joshua Fahrenbruck
    • Hillary Farrell
    • Jim Farris
    • Shane Fernandez
    • Polly Fleet
    • Josephine W. Freede *
    • Mark Funke *
    • Kay Goebel *
    • Bailey Gordon
    • Edward Patrick Gray
    • Linda C. Haneborg *
    • Aimee Harlow
    • Dana Harper
    • Russ Harrison
    • Jean Hartsuck
    • Judy Hatfield *
    • John Higginbotham
    • Brian Hilmes
    • Karin Holsted
    • David Holt **
    • Anne Holzberlein
    • Heath Hornbeek
    • Janet Hudson
    • Gail Huneryager
    • Elizabeth Hunt
    • Jerry Hunter
    • Ann Johnstone *
    • Christian Keesee *
    • Lou C. Kerr
    • Jim Kessler
    • Amanda Kirkpatrick-Lawler
    • Pamela J. Klepper
    • Wes Knight
    • Debra Kos
    • Ed Krei
    • Brad Krieger
    • Michael Laird
    • Bryan Lemmerman
    • Harrison Levy *
    • Judy Love *
    • Paula Love
    • Joan S. Maguire *
    • Austin Manger
    • Steve Mason
    • Travis Mason
    • Glen Maynard
    • Jere W. McKenny *
    • Barry W Murphy, Jr.
    • Max Myers
    • Valerie Naifeh
    • Randy Nance
    • Deborah Nauser
    • Camilla Ostrowe
    • David Ostrowe
    • Collins Peck
    • James A. Pickel
    • Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell **
    • Frederick Redwine
    • Nathan Rice
    • Randy Roper
    • Dan Rotelli
    • Meg Salyer **
    • Bill Schonacher
    • Taylor Shinn
    • Lee Allan Smith *
    • Deby Snodgrass **
    • Charles L. Spicer, Jr.
    • Jerry Steward **
    • Danny Stith
    • C. Renzi Stone
    • Mark K. Stonecipher
    • Doug Stussi
    • Suzie Symcox
    • Mims Talton
    • Chuck Thompson
    • Jeff Thompson
    • Lonny Towell
    • Carol W. Troy *
    • Claire Turmelle
    • Usha Turner
    • Mike Turpen
    • Vicki VanStavern
    • Roy Williams **
    • John Winblad *
    • David Woods