A Touching Testimonial

“Creative and artistic kids are different. From the beginning. They stand out…at the expense of ridicule. They think, feel and process information differently than their peers. They need other artistic people around them. My son, John, is one of those kids. Despite being a very joyous individual, he clearly became increasingly despondent as peer issues increased at school. He was alone. And different. Then we found The Sooner Theatre. It’s his second home now. He has the encouragement and freedom to express who he is and who he wants to be. There’s such great energy and creativity there. He immediately found the peer group he was waiting for.

Sometimes I wonder what people see when they look at my son, John.

Do they see his laughter, the theatrics, the extroversion? Those things are self evident. Or, maybe they see the adolescent grin or the spark in his eyes when the music starts. Perhaps they notice how he’s just happy to be with his friends. But I know what they don’t see. They don’t see the fear that used to be behind those eyes. They don’t see the sadness that came from being alone. They don’t see the anxiety about feeling ‘different.’ I know they don’t see it—because I don’t see it now either.

We are thankful for The Sooner Theatre.”

John’s story of growth, from an anxious child to an adolescent with a spark in his eyes when music starts, is one of more than 545,000 cultural experiences provided by Allied Arts member agencies last year. Your donation to Allied Arts helps fund arts and cultural programs, including The Sooner Theatre.

On behalf of John, thank you.

Students perform at The Sooner Theatre

Students perform at The Sooner Theatre