Sharing Your Story: Julie Hall

Next to share their story is Julie Hall, a longtime leader and supporter of Allied Arts. Growing up in Southern California, my parents made sure that the arts were a part of our lives.  I remember going to the LA County Museum of Art and seeing exhibits that included Van Gogh, Rothko and Faberge.  As kids, we were awestruck that Van Gogh had cut his ear off; didn’t understand why Rothko’s blobs of color were considered art; and were enthralled […]

Sharing Your Story: Suzanne Peck

SP_Elephant_ Oil.  36 x 48_

We’re encouraging people to think about times that the arts impacted their lives and to share their stories. This experience was told by Suzanne Peck, a local artist with a great memory of a date with her uncle. One hot summer in 1980 in Oklahoma City, I was leisurely paddling around our backyard pool in Belle Isle, with my Mom, my Uncle Vernon and my two younger brothers talking about art with Vernon. It was pretty established that I liked art as I […]