Sitting Down with Stephanie

Scott, Stephanie

  This week, we say goodbye to one of our staff members, Stephanie Scott Means. She is incredible and we will all miss her at the office… But, we are excited for her next stage of life and all the adventures around the corner. Before she left, we got an exit interview to hear about her time at Allied Arts and why she believes the arts are so important. There are some pretty powerful statements, so you should read all […]

National Arts & Humanities Month

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It’s National Arts & Humanities Month in October, as proclaimed by the President (see below). We decided to put in bold some of the statements that we especially loved. We are so grateful to have a country that understands the importance of arts and humanities in our culture and in our lives. ┬áThis month, let’s all find a way to celebrate the impact of the arts with people across the nation and in our local community. You can make your […]